So You Just Went Back To Work. What Now?

Hardest thing to do after coming back to work  after a long holiday break is actually getting back to work.  There’s lots of distractions and brain farts that seem to pop up throughout the day to keep you from actually getting back into it.  Here’s 4 things you can do to help with that:

  1. Shut the door.  Block out all the distractions of seeing how everyone’s break was, and get back to it.  People won’t think this is rude, because they are struggling with the same thing you are.  Plenty of opportunity to catch up with lunch breaks or end of day chats to your cars.  Usually only takes a few minutes to get the details, so why drag those conversations into hours?
  2. Turn off your cellphone.  You’ve got everything you need right at your fingertips if you are back at your desk.  Why interrupt that with social media, Amazon shipment alerts, and texts from your parents asking how your first day back is?
  3. Be okay with starting off slow.  Worst thing you can do is try to cross everything off your list at once.  Spread out your tasks and follow ups throughout the whole day or maybe even the next few days.  Prioritize what needs done right now and do it.  The rest can probably probably wait.
  4. Don’t take on new tasks.  Take a few days of not adding new tasks to the to-do list until you feel like you are back in the groove.  Again, it probably isn’t extremely crucial to get new tasks done right away.  Sometimes, yes there’s always exceptions to every rule, but probably not.

Now, I need to take my own advice and get back to work!

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