There’s going to be days when you get into the office, or even before you get in the office, that you aren’t motivated to do anything. I’m talking anything at all. You’d literally be content just sitting in your chair and do nothing. Not a darn thing.

This is completely normal. I’m telling you everyone gets this feeling. From the best CEOs in the world to the best salespeople to the best custodian. Everybody has a time that they want to do absolutely nothing.

I’m here to tell you. That’s okay. Really. It’s okay to feel this way.

The problem is if you actually do that. You actually do nothing at all. You actually waste a full 24 hours of your life to do nothing. That’s a problem.

You are lucky enough to have a job, have a career, have the potential of doing something great. Why waste that?

So on those days that you want to do nothing, I challenge you. Do something. 1 is better than 0. The funny thing is usually once you get started on that one thing. You’ve just tricked your mind into probably doing two things. Then three. Maybe even four. Imagine if on a day that you thought you’d do nothing, you became 400 times more productive. Think about if on a motivated day you were 400 times more productive, how amazing would that be?!

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