…Remain Always Cool…

Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances

Thomas Jefferson

I came across the above quote over the weekend and decided that this should be my superpower. Imagine the power you have over someone or something if you never allow yourself to be overcome with emotion or pain and choose to always be in control.

I thought about the three things I needed in order to always have the upperhand and remain cool:

  1. Knowledge I need to learn as much as I can about the subjects I’m involved with. From personal attributes to circumstances to data and anaylsis, I need to know more than those I’m working with or building a relationship with. This will never be possible to know more than anyone, but the drive to do so positions me to stay cool and collected.
  2. Prioritization Number 1 and number 2 go hand in hand, but can work separately. Part of preparation is understanding what is important and what can be set aside. I don’t need to know everything about everything, just about what the important things are. Setting and prioritizing my time to prepare and build knowledge can help build comfort in any situation.
  3. Humility Understanding that I will never be able to remain full cool in any situation is the first step in striving to achieve that. If I thought I was able to handle any situation without fully recognizing how or what it takes to do that, I would never be able to achieve it. Also, if I discredited anyone’s ideas or comments based on me thinking there was no way I could be wrong, that’s not such a cool thing to do. Be humble!

Preparing to be the most cool in any given room is something we all have the ability to achieve if we know the steps to get there. These 3 focuses can help you get there a little bit quicker.

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